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Research Interests

Over his extensive career, Dr. Pamidimukkala Venkataramana has researched many subjects, consisting of outstanding value and opening a window of new opportunities and advancements. His researches include -

Sinus node function in normal individuals, Short term Indian Council for Medical Research project at Department of Cardiology, MKCG Medical College, Berhampur 19

Corticosteroid Randomisation After Significant Head injury (CRASH) TRAIL, MRC, London, Lead clinician, Trail center at Care Hospital, Visakhapatnam.

Clinical Randomisation of Antifibrinolytic in Significant Haemorrhage (CRASH 2)TRIAL, MRC LONDON- leads clinician, Trial centre at Care, Visakhapatnam.

Peri Operative ISchemic Evaluation (POISE) TRIAL, Canadian Cardiovascular Collaboration PHRI, Ontario, Lead Clinician Care Hospital

Surgical Trial in Lobar Intracerebral Haemorrhage (STICH II) investigator, Care Hospital Visakhapatnam

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