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Weakness may be generalized or localized to a part of the limb, whole limb or more than one limb. The muscles, regional nerve, spinal cord or brain may be involved.

In Myasthenia gravis, the patient complains of generalized weakness and/or blurred vision due to weakness of the eye muscles. The conditions can be effectively treated, unlike hereditary involvement of the muscles (various myopathies) which show up later in life and has no satisfactory treatment.

A regional nerve may be involved locally or at the exit from the spinal cord, as happens in prolapsed discs. The part of the limb supplied by the nerve is usually affected with numbness and/or pain. When the whole limb or more is involved, usually the spinal cord or the brain is at fault.

Causes may be toxins and diabetes. Surgically amenable causes may be local entrapment of nerves, prolapsed discs, and tumors of nerves and/or the spinal cord and brain disorders. Infections may require surgery.

Trauma to the muscle, nerve, spinal cord or the brain is another obvious cause and healing may be facilitated with immediate medical attention. A thorough assessment by a neurologist will help. 

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